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About us

ELBA LTD was established in 1996 as a small family-owned company focused on do-ityourself goods and home improvement products. Since that time it has been providing building supplies, timber materials, plumbing supplies, lighting and electrical products, hand tools, paint and adhesives, decorating tools, cables reels, home wiring etc.

Think green

We are aware that people's everyday activities leave their mark on the environment in which we live.

  • We also share the shared responsibility of consumers and producers to reduce the negative impact on our nature. We do our best to offer only goods that save energy and resources, meet European standards and have the necessary licenses.
  • A separate waste collection system is in place at all ELBA facilities and there are containers for disposal of old batteries and energy saving lamps.

Trade warranties

All goods offered at ELBA have a guarantee, which is determined by the manufacturer and cannot be less than 2 years.

  • This does not apply to goods and building materials whose lifetime is shorter. The manufacturer may also offer a longer warranty and then a warranty card is issued. Some of the tools offered at ELBA have a lifetime warranty. The only condition for the validity of the guarantee is the presence of a receipt.
  • Claims may be made in any of the ELBA stores or at the service centers designated in the warranty card.
  • The maximum time limit for fulfilling claims is one month but in practice claims are satisfied within a few days. The customer has the right to request repair, replacement, refund or reduction. The merchant decides which of these ways to be chosen.
  • The warranty does not cover all easily fragile goods, slightly color inconsistencies or damages caused by improper use.