A wide range of hardware, home improvement and do-it-yourself goods


Elba offers great variety of hardware and home improvement tools.

Paint and painting supplies

Rich assortment of paint, services and paint accessories. We provide you with the most appropriate types of paint and supporting materials

  • alkyd paint,
  • latex paint
  • paint and color tinting
  • brushes and paint rollers

Plumbing supplies

At Elba you can find plenty of professional plumbing supplies products and accessories suitable for constructing water-main and sewage systems as well as products for current repairs.

  • Water-pipes for exterior and interior usage in
  • different diameters,
  • water supply fixture units,
  • stopcocks,
  • rubber gaskets,
  • clamps,
  • washers, hoses etc.


High quality hand and electrical tools and equipment, some of which are accompanied by life-long warranty.

  • Hex and torx keys,
  • screwdrives and nutdrivers,
  • saws, snips, nippers and cutters,
  • hand tool sets,
  • measuring and calculation tools,
  • laser levels, axes, sledges and mauls, spades etc

Spare parts

Major spare parts for:

  • oilers
  • stoves
  • heaters
  • home appliance etc

Industrial adhesive and blends

Variety of adhesives, glues, blends, jointing materials and everything related to the repair of your home

  • adhesives for tiles and paving
  • universal glues
  • jointing composites
  • spackling paste and others.


Broad range of light bulbs and fixture parts

  • electrical boxes
  • fans
  • electrical connectors
  • cable and wire
  • conduit and fitting
  • batteries and flashlights.

Fasteners, wood screws, nuts

  • washers
  • drywall anchors
  • chipboards
  • door hardware
  • lockers and interior finishing elements.

Silicones and foam

  • silicones
  • flue sealants
  • guns and applicators
  • adhesives and
  • sprays

Household articles

  • buckets
  • basins
  • pails
  • brushes
  • brooms
  • oilcloth
  • tar papers
  • cleaning products and agents
  • nets
  • insulations.